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March 28th, 2008, 10:28 am

THANKS everyone *u*

Holly craaap, as of this very second, I have 99 fans. I'd just like to say, thank you all so much for reading! It literally makes my heart explode to know that 99 people at least find this stuff interesting. Since I have more fans, I want to interact with you guys more too! Soon I'll be at the end of this chapter, and I'll announce this fun thing called "bonus week"...but more on that later!

I'd also like to hear from you guys about what you think of the story! What parts/character/whatever do you like? What hasn't gone so well?

And by the way, I'm redoing some of the pages from 1-18 (you can see that 1-4 have already been redone)so if you have a suggestion about something I should put into the starting, let's hear it! You can just comment on the page you think should be different, or like drop me an email ( or something.

Anyways, thanks again everyone! I hope you enjoy LOF!

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