Fanart and Giftart and LOF-related Commissions

This is by Niko. She's been friend for a long time, and drew this for me as a gift!

OHOHOH my christmas gift from muura~

Cristofori and LACEY PIANO
Fanart of an upcoming character I had posted on my deviantart by luthien-chan. The colored outlines are so cool!

Butter on Bread
Eee~ fannart of Dusan and Bianca talking on the phone by the fabulous author of Don't Fear the Reaper, fishuu!

An art trade with nanokostudio !! It's got like every character in LOF! This one's really amazing!

A picture I commissioned by the SUPER AMAZING AFU! I love everything about this picture, it blows my mind.

Flower Head Dusan
A SUPRISE TEGAKI E from this SUPER SUPER awesome gal GNOMELIBERATOR! I love the colors and the shading and safuhhdfsfsf AMAZING.

Teddy Running LATE!
ANOTHER AWESOME SURPRISE from my BFF4E BUNKUNNN. Her bright colors and EXPRESSION AND CLOTHES omg I'm almost gay for this art.

the most ADORABLE TEDDY EVER from my super DUPER friend Lark!! god LOOK AT THE PINK TEDDY BEAR adorable right I BET YOU'RE JEALOUS

the OTHER most ADORABLE TEDDY EVER from MUURA~ she gave this to me in return for some HTML secret, I think.........whatever I LOVE IT

man I would SO DATE this Dusan by Jaba-Nonsense. HE'S A LOOKER~ and all those FLOWERS, DREAMY SIGH

girl FIGHT!
BIANCA AND CHARLOTTE ENTER THE RING...!! Their intense rivalry here depicted by NYAMANKU.~~~

the fair TEDDY!
nn n n I LOVE GETTING PICTURES OF TEDDY especially in a hot sweater with HOT LIT~ this picture drawn AWESOME by dolle!! as an example for her commissions~

vincent VINCENT I LOVE VINCENT TOO look how sexy he is here, with his CAR KEYS! it's BUSINESS TIME, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. again by dolle~ as an example for her commissions~


The first LOF drawing ever!
Oh mannn, this was the first drawing of LOF I did near the spring of 2007! It's so lame looking. ;o;

Character Concepts by Muura
A while ago, I asked my friend muura to help me out and come up with some schoolkids to use in the comic (fun fact: Victoria High has over 160 students!)These are the great designs she sent me.